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Eastern Will Memorial - Beecher, Illinois

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Eastern Will Memorial - Beecher, Illinois
Would you leave your loved one without a loving memorial?

Memorial Chests

memorial chests for photosThis style chest is 5" H x 3" W and is securely fastened on the monument.

Many styles and sizes to choose from.

The DEDO JADCREST frames andphotos can be put in these chests covers the photo properly, and gives that sense of privacy to ownership. Its size and design makes it look well on a marker or a medium size memorial. A variety of cover designs and letterings are available to fit your need. This particular chest is a lifting type cover that can be locked for security.

Photos of your loved ones, made out of ceramic material, can be inserted securely inside the chest.

Etchings and Drawings

etchings of loved one on graniteWhat about the possibility of having your loved one's photo permanently etched into the lasting memorial?

We can do laser etching directly into the granite from a photo to create the loving memory for all to see. These etchings will not fade out and will last forever.



Diamond Etched Portraits

Have a diamond etching of your loved one engraved on the memorial...see us for details.

PHOTO Ceramics -Photo Porcelain
Photo porcelain pictures and plaques

Immortalizing loved ones is a custom that has been with us for ages, frescoes on cavern walls, carved stones, ancient pyramids and mosaics are just some of the ways we paint a 'portrait' and immortalize someone forever. Keeping alive the memory of loved ones thru images and pictures is as common today as in the past, and today's techniques of photo porcelain and photo ceramics let us remember and honor those we truly cherish.

Porcelain plaques (photo porcelain) allow us to keep our loved ones forever and characterize special moments while standing up to the test of time. A porcelain plaque remains with us forever.

Today's photo porcelain production techniques are refined works of art that capture the spirit of our loved ones thru high quality reproduction of the image with stunning details. Call or email us for more information about the techniques and types available.

fonts and type stylesLettering Options

We have many different lettering fonts and options that can be carved on graphite monuments and memorials. These are only a couple of them.


Etchings in Granite

Capture the beauty of a nature scene, a peaceful landscape, or maybe a reminder of your loved one by having it etched into a memorial. This is an example of a Royal Melrose Nero Black Diamond Etched with Foundation Cover. Many different scenes to choose from.


Any design of photo can be mounted or etched on any type of granite that we sell. We have religious art, latin crosses, and a variety of other items.

** NOTE: We only provide the headstones, statues, and other products you see on our website. We are not responsible for any arrangements between purchaser and cemetery . Such arrangements are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.**

Eastern Will Memorial
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