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Eastern Will Memorial - Beecher, Illinois

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Eastern Will Memorial - Beecher, Illinois
Would you leave your loved one without a loving memorial?


These are only a few of the different accessory products you can choose from. Please call us for the latest pricing and optional styles/colors.

Candles | Marker Lighting | Candle/Vases | Plaques | Foot Stones/Misc. | Floor Tiling

Remembrance Lites
Remembrance Lites
Home Candlelight Service Sets
Home Candlelight
Service Sets
Paschal Candles

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#4270 Ornament

#4270 Group

(Above) Models Available:
Base, Wallmount and Ground Spike

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Candle Holders/Vase Combinations

Our candle holder/vase combinations are a lovely accent to a loving memorial. The candle holder and matching vase attach to the monument. Please see some of the products we offer below. Many more are available. This is just a small portion of our samples.


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Red or White

Plaques for Remembrance or Recognition

Cast Bronze 6" by 9"
Cast Bronze 6" by 9"
Cast Bronze Award Scroll
Cast Bronze Award Scroll
Cast Bronze 18" by 24"
Cast Bronze
18" by 24"
Maltese Cross Pattern 18" by 18"
Maltese Cross Pattern
18" by 18"

Order with Confidence

We make it easy to get a custom product that you will be proud to display. From your rough sketch or fully developed design, our staff can handle all the details - whether the order is for one plaque or 100. If you're ordering your first plaque, we'll walk you through all of your options and make suggestions based on years of experience doing all types of plaques. If you're an experienced buyer, you'll appreciate working directly with craftsmen who can take your specifications and deliver top-quality results - on time and on budget.

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Foot Stones, Corner Posts and Grass Markers
for Rock Gardens


Foot Stones
Corner Posts
Grass Markers "Please Call for Pricing
and Options"

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Tiling for Floors and Paneling

Flamed Honed Sanded

Also available is "Thermal" (no photo available)

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Wholesale and Retail

** NOTE: We only provide the headstones, statues, and other products you see on our website. We are not responsible for any arrangements between purchaser and cemetery . Such arrangements are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.**

Eastern Will Memorial
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